I would love to hear about your artistic journey and personal learning preferences so I can make this school as impactful as possible for you!
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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time - Thomas Merton

Let's get a little lost in our art together friends, shall we?
I like making friends with my students, tell me your first and last name, darling!

If you prefer your answers to stay anonymous, that is completely fine as well - feel free to skip this question if so!
Which option best describes your current artistic journey? *

Which artistic endeavors do you currently pursue, or hope to pursue upon furthering your skills? *

Feel free to select all that apply, friend!

If you selected "other" as an option in the question above, please describe what other artistic endeavor(s) you are referencing:

What has been your biggest struggle in your artistic journey thus far? *

In my Digitizing Your Watercolor Designs course, we will walk through each step of the digitizing process together, beginning with a piece of artwork. Which type of artwork would you be most interested in for this creative course? *

If you selected one of options A-C from the previous question, would you prefer for that artistic design to be briefly taught at the beginning of the digitizing course, or would you prefer to view an example image and create it on your own in your personal style? *

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